I Love Being A Mature Escort

Hello All! My name is Joanna and I am a mature escort working in London and around Europe whenever I go on holiday. Lets face it, if you’re going on holiday for sun sea and sex, why not get paid for it too? I am sixty but easily pass for fifty and in a good light forty five! I am pretty much average height and I weight exactly the same as I did when I was twenty five, though that is taking more and more work these days. I am naturally blonde, though there is some grey in there these days that needs a blonde escort joanna in blue bikini and blue wrapbit of touch up fairly regularly. But then again, so do I! If you had not gathered, I am not what most people think of when they imagine an escort charging three hundred pounds an hour. But I am busy as I have ever been and love it.

I started out as a school teacher and artist and found that being a school teacher did not give me enough money to keep on with my art. I needed a studio, tools, materials and a teacher salary was never going to cut it. So I started stripping at a couple of local pubs and clubs. I actually met my husband there. I have never had a problem being naked in front of people and he actually loves seeing men admire me, so that works. After we had started swinging too, and I adored having sex with lots of strangers, we both decided that being an escort was a logical move. And would probably be fun. After a few years it became logical to become one of the best mature escorts London could offer. I started working with escort agencies and eventually began to place my own advertisements as well.

It is now more than thirty five years since I started in the sex business and while there have been some shitty moments, the good more than out weighs the bad. My husband is my greatest fan and supporter. And before you start imagining that he is living off me working on my back, he has a very successful building business and I do not need to work financially. We just both like it. It is kind of like a well paid version of our swinging lifestyle, so it works for us. And my clients.

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