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Being a domme or Mistress brought certain advantages to a woman like Isabelle ( even leaving aside the ridiculously large walk-in wardrobe of fetish costumes). The first was the freedom to give free rein to her desires to control, humiliate and hurt men. For all the sexual pleasure her clients got from it, she did so too. Though she could never really admit it – certainly not to a client. She also enjoyed the planning of her client scenes and the theatricality of the lifestyle. Especially when she decided that the time had come to move from being a working dominatrix to the queen of that world. Which does not happen naturally, and means knocking people off their pedestals and onto their arses. Sometimes literally.

If you are going to run a network of escort agencies (well, strictly speaking a network of networks) then, contrary to most people´s expectations, a certain level of business expertise, skill and intelligence is essential. People always say that sex sells. Well, cliches being cliches aside, if that is the case why is it that so many brothels fail and so many hookers find it hard to pay the bills? So John and Isabelle brought strategy planning and skill to an industry based historically on advertising through the “spray and pray” approach (pun intended)

woman corset and two men malaga escortTheir plans were always different to the competition. They were not in the industry as a lifestyle. He didn’t want to be a pimp and she had no desire to be a madam. Though, obviously, that is what there were. They didn’t want to be famous or notorious, or be gangsters (or even pseudo gangsters). In working with, for example, Malaga escorts, they wanted to keep as low a profile as possible and run the best business possible for both the clients and the girls.

Isabelle liked it that way because she loved control. And nothing gives you greater control than being powerful and rich but invisible. John liked it that way because it is easier to keep everyone safe and secure if no-one knows you exists. Like Keyser Soze realised, it is hard to betrayed if one has no people. Indeed, they had both taken that lesson so much to heart that he sometimes called her Keyser.

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