Ecort Ibiza explain about Massages and erotic massages

A soothing massage is available in one of the many massages in Ibiza. Many Thai women offer massages without sexual services. In the erotic massage parlor, however, there is still an erotic highlight such as hand relaxation after a massage. Whether intercourse and blowjob are offered in isolation, remains the secret of the masseur. Please contact us for further information.

Thaimassagen: A final hand relaxation is usually included. Cautious inquiring about more performance can sometimes be worth it ….

Tantra: There are shops that have raised tantra to their way of life and with their tantric massages want to achieve higher goals than the profane erotic relaxation.
Erotic massages: To be massaged by a naked woman and to get a hand relaxation as an erotic climax can be better than sex, which is not offered in most of these stores.




In sex cinemas you can watch porn movies and get some relaxation from one of the girls. Some sex cinemas also offer extra rooms; In some you can also have sex right in the Kinoraum. Sexkinos often offer relaxation for small money.

BDSM and bizarre addresses:

The world of bizarre eroticism is here at home. Even if in Ibiza the offer of Bizarrsex is not as diverse, as in other large cities, the city has but a lot to offer. Dominas in their own dedicated studios offer bizarre games such as education, flogging, feminization, but also (in most eyes) perverse games like caviar and natural sect. Also special and unusual fetishes are satisfied in most cases. Devote slaves are not so common. Should you know: Dominas in Ibiza do not offer sex !!!

Attention: Some brothels in Ibiza also have a bizarre offer, which they offer in an extraroom for bizarre playing styles. Some models also have a dominant or devote vein that they want and can live out. If you are not looking for the professional domina, but want to experience sex just once more bizarre, should look around here.
 Even if you do not like it hard, you can look at some brothels or erotic massages. They offer, among others, Softdominante versions, ideal for beginners and everyone who does not like it so hard.

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